Levente Tregova is European Pinball Champion 2012!

EPC 2012 was played last weekend in Madrid, Spain. More than 150 players participated in the main tournament and eventually the final four met in the EPC final played on 5-ball game on Rolling Stones. After the final match the best four of the competition were:

1. Levente Tregova (Switzerland)
2. Daniele Acciari (Italy)
3. Graig Pullen (United Kingdom)
4. Franck Bona (France)

Also possibly the quickest classics competition final of the pinball history was played in EPC 2012, thanks to the final game Dragon. The four best of the classics competition were:

1. Francisco Núñez López (Spain)
2. Peter Blakemore (United Kingdom)
3. Juan Escuder (Spain)
4. Jörgen Holm (Sweden)

Congratulations to all of the top performers of EPC 2012, especially the new European Pinball Champion Levente Tregova!

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Today’s pinball news

Finnish Pinball League started its latter half of the season 2012 on Saturday 1st September in Helsinki. 36 players participated in the event and in the end the top three of the tournament were:

1. Jussi Rantala (Helsinki)
2. Jussi Kahola (Tampere)
3. Sampo Simonen (Espoo)

See the entire results document here. Two events still to come this season and five players still have a chance to win the league.

I finally had some time to go through all the photos of my trip to Seattle in June. The photo gallery has now been published in the gallery.

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PAPA 14 finals: F-14 Tomcat

PAPA 15 World Pinball Championships start today! On Sunday we will see who is the new PAPA World Pinball Champion earning also nice $10,000 cash prize.

Here is the third video of PAPA 14 finals to show you how the tournament final ended last year.

PAPA 14 Finals – F14 Tomcat.

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PAPA 14 finals: Iron Man

This is the week of PAPA 15 World Pinball Championships! Here is the footage of the second game of last year’s final, played on fast and mean Stern game Iron Man.

PAPA 14 Finals – Iron Man.

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PAPA 14 finals: Terminator 2

In the spirit of PAPA 15 World Pinball Championships starting next Thursday, the first video of PAPA 14 finals has been published in PAPA blog. Great playing of the finalists and great commentary from Bowen and Todd. Enjoy!

PAPA 14 Finals – Terminator 2

PS. As you may see, I’ve added a Twitter feed to the right side of the main page. I’ll be using Twitter in the future to post about all less important things and also about tournament standings and other things that require more real time updates.

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Tournament news

California Extreme tournament, which is also a part of the PAPA 2012 North American Tournament Circuit, was played last weekend. Keith Elwin won the main tournament and finished second in classics, earning enough WPPR points to reach again the number one spot in World Pinball Player Rankings.

At the same time in Finland Heinola Pinball Open was played. 25 players participated in the tournament, and after the 16-player PAPA style play-offs the three best players to take home the trophies were:

1. Jussi Kahola (Tampere)
2. Sampo Simonen (Espoo)
3. Mikko Laakso (Vantaa)

The google docs results document can be seen here. The tournament arranger Josse (who arranged Kuopio Pinball Open last year) is going to arrange the tournament again next year. The Finnish players are really pleased to hear these news, since this event has been not only a really good competition, but also really fun social event. The machine lineup (including some great WPC titles like TAFG and MM and also newer Stern machines like IM, Batman and TF) hasn’t been that bad either.

PAPA 15 World Pinball Championships will start next week near Pittsburgh, US. Keith Elwin has to earn some points from PAPA to not to let Daniele Acciari from Italy to take back the #1 spot in WPPR rankings. But also Cayle George, who has been in the PAPA final both last two years, could reach the number one spot by playing really well. Interesting tournament to come, too bad I couldn’t make the trip to PAPA yet this year. At least there should be plenty of tournament videos to come!

European competition calendar is quite packed with tournaments this fall. In addition to EPC 2012, at least the following bigger tournaments will be held during next months:

Borås Pinball Open 28-30 September (Borås, Sweden)

Dutch Pinball Open 6-7 October (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Ch ti pinball tournament 28 October (Lille, France)

Swiss Open 27-28 October (Kollbrunn, Switzerland)

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Bowen’s tutorials: Jungle Queen

Bowen’s tutorial about a classic Gottlieb game Jungle Queen.

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NWPC2012: video coverage of final games

There was a video crew present at Northwest Pinball Championships 2012 to capture all the events of the tournament playoffs. They also managed to live stream the content online, which is something that I really would like to see happening also in other big tournaments in the future.

Bowen Kerins joined the crew straight after he was eliminated from the tournament and offered a live commentary for the final games. Now this footage of final games has come available also through PAPA blog. So enjoy this three video set of amazingly skilled tournament pinball play! This must be the best final ever!

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Bowen’s tutorials: Whirlwind

Ahh, my favourite System11 game! Bowen plays a round of Whirlwind and manages to show some things that I didn’t know, although I’ve had this machine at home for more than year.

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Bowen’s tutorials: AC/DC

Bowen explains the features of a new Stern game AC/DC. Check out also the Gameworks 2012 AC/DC video which Bowen is referring to in this tutorial.

AC/DC seems to be really cool game with so many things going on all the time. Nice work Steve Ritchie & Lyman Sheats!

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