Further tournament plans

Pinball year 2013 hasn’t almost started yet, but there are plans for year 2014 already:

Pinburgh is one of the first tournaments to announce its exact dates for year 2014. According to PAPA blog the tournament will be held during late March 2014 (March 28-30).

At the same time on Europinball forum, the hosting country of European Pinball Championship 2014 has announced that EPC 2014 will be played in Italy during March 2014. Though the exact dates haven’t yet been announced, the weekend for EPC won’t be the same as Pinburgh. That is good news, since the pinball community really should’t never ever repeat the 2011 situation again, when EPC and Pinburgh were played during the same weekend.

It’s somehow bad that these two big tournaments will be played during the same month, but since the organizers of EPC have announced that the competition won’t be after 20th day of March, there should be at least two weeks between these competitions and enough time for anyone interested to arrange the trip to Pinburgh too after EPC.

Plans for EPC 2014 seem to be decided already, but it’s not entirely sure how EPC 2013 will be. After Hungary announced it’s incapability of arranging EPC 2013, it has been quite unsure if the competition will happen this year. Now it seems that Sweden will host the competition, but it’s still unsure whether the competition will be played in Stockholm or elsewhere (which would be most likely in Borås). Anyway EPC held in Sweden would be an awesome thing, since those guys really know how to put up a world class tournament. EPC 2007 in Stockholm was in my opinion still the best EPC that I’ve ever been to.

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Tournament plans for this spring

My tournament calendar is quite nicely booked for this spring. I’m planning to attend at least following tournaments:

K15 Match Race (February 9th in Helsinki, Finland)
First match-play tournament ever held in Finland! It took only 90 minutes to get the maximum number of 24 registered players.

Borås Pinball Classic Open (February 21-24 in Borås, Sweden)
Traditional Swedish tournament with main tournament and split flipper played on classics machines and a side tournament played on modern machines. The tournament director INK has really nice collection of games a such a great location to spend the weekend playing pinball. Over 100 players registered to the tournament which of 14 are from Finland!

Pinburgh 2013 (April 11-14 in Scott Township, PA, USA)
The greatest match-play tournament and for me the best tournament overall in the World. The number of participants is limited to 400 and it might well be that this limit will be reached. More than 300 players registered already within first couple of weeks of registration! Three Finnish players attending.

IFPA10 World Pinball Championship (May 31 – June 2 in Eschzell, Germany)
64 players based on their world ranking will be invited to participate in this tournament. 30 out of 40 possible country exemption spots have been filled and in total 75 players have committed to attend the tournament. This year you have to be well within top100 in overall rankings to get qualified to the tournament with your overall ranking. See the list of registered players here.

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Jussi Rantala wins the first event of Finnish Pinball League season 2013

Finnish Pinball League started its fourth season last Saturday in Kangasala. The top three of the competition were:

1. Jussi Rantala (Helsinki)
2. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Espoo)
3. Joonas Haverinen (Helsinki)

Jussi won the last event of season 2012 and continued his great performance by winning this event too. Congratulations!

Full results document can be seen here in Google Docs.

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Bowen’s tutorials: Robocop

Bowen and a tutorial video about Data East game Robocop. Interesting choice for a tutorial, I don’t even remember seeing the game ever.

Check out also the Classic Game Room review of the same game.

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Results of Finnish Pinball League season 2012

The sixth and last event of Finnish Pinball League season 2012 was played yesterday in Kangasala. 29 players participated in the event and although the winner of the season had already been obvious after fifth event, five players were still battling for the other two top 3 positions. The competition was really interesting until the very end of the event and eventually the event winner Jussi Rantala also managed to take home the overall second place of the season. Jussi finished the season having same amount of league points than Janne Toukkari (the winner of season 2011), but with two event wins of the season compared to Janne’s one, Jussi took home the second place and Janne finished third. The top three players of Finnish Pinball league season 2012 were:

1. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Espoo) (54 points)
2. Jussi Rantala (Helsinki) (44 points)
3. Janne Toukkari (Tampere) (44 points)

Full results document about the season can be seen here in Google Docs.

Finnish Pinball League will be back next year!

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Interesting tournaments this weekend

A couple of interesting tournaments are played this weekend: Southern Pinball Festival tournament in Florida, USA and Swedish Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Being a part of PAPA tournament circuit, many top US players are playing in SPF. The tournament lineup is interesting mix of older and newer games and the final qualifying results can be seen here. Play-offs will be played later today.

In Sweden all the best Swedish players are there to play, total number of main tournament participants being more than 200 players! The final qualification results can be seen here and some live video stream from main tournament play-offs can be seen from flippersm2012 bambuser channel.

The next Swedish Champion will be crowned within next few hours and we will know the name of the new Southern Pinball Festival champion later this day too.

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Pinball in Finnish TV!

My friends from Hopeakuula pinball association in Kouvola were just featured on the main news broadcast of the day of Finnish TV channel MTV3. Maybe about million viewers just saw that informatic and nice clip about pinball hobby in Finnish TV! Hopeakuula staff does excellent work promoting pinball hobby in Finland!

What a great way to end this weekend. I really can say that my weekend was full of pinball!

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K15 Open 2012 this weekend

K15 Open 2012 will be played this weekend in downtown Helsinki. 33 registered players will be competing in the tournament and 10 of the players already played their qualification entries in the pre-qualifying session on Friday night. After eight more hours of qualifications on Saturday, 16 best players will advance to play-offs played on Sunday. The double elimination play-offs bracket surely will show who has been the best player of the weekend.

I’ll be tweeting updates about the tournament during the weekend. Qualification standings can be seen on the tournament website at address k15.fi and there is also a link to the play-offs standings on the website.

Tournament machine lineup is Attack from Mars, Batman (Stern), Black Rose, Family Guy, Jack*Bot, Lord of the Rings, Medieval Madness, No Fear, Road Show, Scared Stiff and Star Trek: the Next Generation.

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Pinburgh 2012: B-division final

Pinburgh is in my opinion the best tournament format there is: ten rounds of qualifications, each round providing four different games from different eras to play in four-player groups. Also the final rounds are played in four-player groups with four machines. This is how the B-division finals looked like in Pinburgh 2012.

2012 Pinburgh Division B Finals – Lord of the Rings.

2012 Pinburgh Division B Finals – Fast Draw.

2012 Pinburgh Division B Finals – World Cup Soccer.

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Today’s news

Quite a lot has happened since my latest post, so here is a quick recap of some notable events of past couple of weeks.

Mats Runsten won Borås Pinball Open played on last weekend of September. The other finalist in the tournament was Frenchman Jérémy Reynaud, who actually was one shot away to take the victory on X-Men (best of three games), but after the missed shot Mats tied the match to 1-1 and took the victory on the 3rd game. Jörgen Holm won the classics division. Full results can be seen here (main) and here (classics). My photos about the event can be seen in the gallery.

Dutch Pinball Open was played last weekend in Amsterdam. The usual suspects to win the tournament were eliminated during the double elimination bracket and eventually Jasper Van Eeden won the tournament. The Reigning DPO champion Daniele Acciari was out already in top20, so Keith Elwin still gets to keep his WPPR #1 position. Click here for full results of the main tournament.

Also a classics division was played in DPO, but since there aren’t any results in WPPR database I think the tournament wasn’t WPPR sanctioned. The best players of classics are still worth mentioning: Dutchman Roy Wils took the 1st place and Janne Toukkari from Finland was 2nd!

One tournament has been added to Finnish tournament calendar. K15 Open, which will be played on 10-11th November in Helsinki, will be a nice and good-quality tournament played in my and my friends basement gameroom K15. Due to limited space we capped the number of participants to 32 and it took less than four days to get that many registrations. All the best players from Finland and some visitors also from Sweden will be there to play in our all-DMD-tournament. Check out the tournament website at k15.fi.

It’s only 181 days until Pinburgh 2013! Playing in the tournament this year and seeing the PAPA HQ were just amazing experience and I’m quite happy that I have already booked the trip also for next year! And next year I won’t be the only Finnish player to attend!

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