Detailed tournament rules summer tournament 2011
Tournament director: Olli-Mikko Ojamies (


Friday 15th July 2011

5pm-11:30pm Qualifications

9pm Latest time to show up

Saturday 16th July 2011

12pm-5pm Qualifications

3pm Latest time to show up

4:45pm signing up for players in play-offs and playing of all possible tie-breaks

5pm-8pm play-offs

8pm -> after-party and prize ceremony


In qualifications each player plays five machines, two 3-ball tries per game. All the games must be played within the scheduled qualificiation time and both tries of a game must be played in a row as separate 1-player games. It’s players responsibility to make sure that he or she is able to finish all the games within the time reserved for the qualifications.

The better result of a game will be compared to other players’ scores and qualifying points will be awarded to the best scores of a game:

1. 40p
2. 36p
3. 32p
4. 28p
5. 25p
6. 22p
7. 19p
8. 16p
9. 14p
10. 12p
11. 10p
12. 8p
13. 7p
14. 6p
15. 5p
16. 4p
17. 3p
18. 2p
19. 1p
20. 0p

A player’s total qualifying score is the sum of all the qualifying scores of five machines.

Advancing to the play-offs

The amount of players advancing to the play-offs depends on the total amount of players participating. No more than half of the players will advance to the play-offs with following pre-planned play-offs brackets:

8-11 qualifiers: 4 best to play-offs

12-15 qualifiers: 6 best to play-offs, 2 best receive one bye

16-23 qualifiers: 8 best to play-offs

24-31 qualifiers: 12 best to play-offs, 4 best receive one bye

32-36 qualifiers: 16 best to play-offs, 4 best receive 2 byes, qualifiers 5-8 receive one bye

If two or more players have same number of qualifying points and players share standings that must be sorted out (one would qualify and another wouldn’t, or one would get a bye for play-offs and another wouldn’t), a best of one tie-break game will be played. Other less significant ties will be resolved by comparing players’ qualifying points, first comparing which player has more first place (40 points) scores, then second place scores etc.


Play-offs will be played as a single-elimination bracket best of three games. All the machines used in qualifications will be available and also some other machines may be used.

The better qualifier will have a choice of machine for the first game. A machine can be chosen from any available ones (a machine is considered available if it’s not played at the moment or a pair playing the game is on their third ball). The player who chose the machine will start the game. A player can also choose to let the opponent choose the machine (and when a player gets to choose a machine this way, he must make the choice). The lower qualifier will choose second machine and higher qualifier will choose third machine. A same machine may not be chosen twice during a round.

On the last qualifying round the two best players of the tournament will meet in the final. Final will be played like all other play-offs rounds.


There will be scorekeepers to write down the scores in qualifications. Scorekeepers may also be tournament players. The scores will be written down to a paper and then moved to a Google Docs document that will automatically calculate qualification standings. The address of the document will be published on the tournament website before the tournament starts.

A player who is also a scorekeeper must not write down his or her own score. A player has responsibility to make sure that a scorekeeper has written the score down correctly.

General rules of playing

The rules document “Flipperiliigan pelaussääntökirja” that is the general rules document of Finnish Pinball League will be the base of the general rules in this tournament. In case of an unresolved issue, tournament director will decide how to resolve the situation. Tournament director will not participate in the tournament.

Machine breakdowns

In case of a qualifying machine breaking down, it will be tried to get fixed as soon as possible. If the machine cannot be fixed, the tournament director will decide, based on the time available, whether to

1) switch the machine to another one. All players who had played the machine that broke down will also play the new machine.

2) remove the machine from the qualifications. No scores from that machine will be counted to the total qualifying points.

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