Summer tournament 2011 summer tournament is a combination of summer party and pinball competition. Purpose of the event is to provide a fun social event and a good quality pinball tournament for pinball enthusiasts.

The event is held on Friday and Saturday 15-16th July at my place in Otaniemi, Espoo. The qualifications will be held on Friday evening and Saturday day, finals will be played on Saturday evening and after-party will be held on a seaside sauna nearby after the competition is over. Unfortunately my place and my pinball collection aren’t that big and therefore there won’t be much pinball playing outside the tournament, since all the machines will be for competition use or used as reserve machines.


In qualifications each player plays five qualification machines, two 3-ball games on each machine. The better score counts and qualifying points will be awarded based on how well you played on that machine compared to other players. The players with most qualifying points will advance to play-offs, which will be played as a single-elimination bracket best of three games. Players attending the tournament will receive WPPR ranking points.

Read more about tournament rules from the rules page.


The event is open for everyone. The number of participants in the tournament will be limited to maximum of 36, there will be 20 qualification spots for Friday and 16 for Saturday. An entry fee of 10 euros will be collected from all the participants.


Registration is now open at the registration page.

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