SPO 2017 Classics

Sörkka Pinball Open (SPO) is a traditional Finnish pinball tournament that has been played annually since 2004. Sörkka (Sörnäinen) is a district in Helsinki where SPOs were originally held. The event location moved away from Sörkka already years ago, but the name remains the same since it’s still basically the same tournament organized by the same organizer Antti.

In 2017 SPO will be played in Flipperiluola Apollonkatu 7 in Helsinki. The gameroom contains about 30 classic games, therefore the tournament will be played on classic machines.

Tournament information in brief:


Saturday 27th May 2017
noon-6:00pm qualifications (round to be started at 5pm at latest)
6:30pm-10pm play-offs


The address of the location is Apollonkatu 7 00100 Helsinki. Find a ramp to the basement on the inner yard of the building and enter the gameroom.

Tournament format

EM and solid state games will be used in the tournament. Most likely all games will be from pre DMD era.

Qualifications: each player plays all 11 qualification machines once. The final score in a game will be compared to other players’ scores and qualification points will be given out. 16 best qualifiers will advance to play-offs. If less than 32 players participate in the tournament, play-offs bracket will be adjusted and maximum of 50% of participants will advance to the play-offs.

Each player has one joker attempt to retry one of the qualification machines. The joker will replace the original score if it is better than the original score. The player may choose when to use the joker. It’s the player’s responsibility to use the joker before the qualification period is over. No award or penalty will be provided for unused joker attempts.

Play-offs: single-elimination bracket best-of-five games. Qualifiers 1-4 receive two byes, qualifiers 5-8 receive one bye.

A PAPA-style 3-game final for top4.

Game list

The tournament machines will be selected later from the ones at the location, including following games:


Follow flipperit.net thread http://flipperit.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=6925&p=49043#p49043 for registration instructions.


If any questions, contact tournament organizer Antti or me.