SPO 2015

Sörkka Pinball Open (SPO) is a traditional Finnish pinball tournament that has been played annually since 2004. Sörkka (Sörnäinen) is a district in Helsinki where SPOs were originally held. The event location moved away from Sörkka already years ago, but the name remains the same since it’s still basically the same tournament organized by the same organizer Antti.

In 2015 SPO will be played in Antti’s gameroom at Apollonkatu, Helsinki. The gameroom contains about 30 classic games, therefore the tournament will be played on classic machines.

Also a pre-tournament will be played in another location in downtown Helsinki on previous night (Friday 29th May). See details below.

Tournament information in brief:


Saturday 30th May 2015
noon-6:00pm qualifications
6:30pm-10pm play-offs


The address of the location is Apollonkatu 7 00100 Helsinki. Find the ramp to basement in the inner yard of the building and enter the gameroom.

Tournament format

EM and solid state games will be used in the tournament. Most likely all games will be from pre DMD era.

Qualifications: each player plays seven games twice, better attempt counts. Points in a game will be compared to other players’ scores and qualification points will be given out. 16 best qualifiers will advance to play-offs.

Play-offs: single-elimination bracket best-of-five games. Qualifiers 1-4 receive two byes, qualifiers 5-8 receive one bye.

A PAPA-style 3-game final for top4.

Game list

The tournament machines will be selected later from the ones at the location, including following games:

Time Line, Gottlieb 1980
Top Score, Gottlieb 1975
Strike Zone, Williams 1970
Prospector, Segasa 1977
Argosy, Williams 1977
Heavy Metal Meltdown, Bally 1987
Nip It, Bally 1973
Fireball, Bally 1972
Count Down, Gottlieb 1978
Close Encounters, Gottlieb 1978
Cleopatra, Gottlieb 1977
Elektra, Bally 1981
Jungle Lord, Williams 1981
Firepower, Williams 1980
Special Force, Bally 1986
Strato-Flite, Williams 1974
Barracora, Williams 1981
Surf Champ, Gottlieb 1976
Wild Life, Gottlieb 1973
Target Alpha, Gottlieb 1976
Escape from The Lost World, Bally 1988
Sinbad EM, Gottlieb 1978
Space Invaders, Bally 1979
Pokerino, Williams 1978
Black Knight, Williams 1980
Dealers Choice, Williams 1974
Paragon, Bally 1979
Flash Gordon, Bally 1980
Pioneer, Gottlieb 1975
Jungle Queen, Gottlieb 1977
Banzai Run, Williams 1989
Medusa, Bally 1981
Hot Shot, Gottlieb 1973
Aces & Kings, Williams 1970

Entry fee

Entry fee is 30 euros. Payment to be collected on site.


On Friday 29th May a pre-tournament will be played at K15 pinball basement in downtown Helsinki, 2 kilometers away from SPO location.

The location will open at 5pm, tournament to start at 6pm. Tournament format will be a 3-strike knockout. Email me for more details.


You can sign up to the tournament by emailing me your player information:

To: marble@pinball.fi
Subject: SPO2015 registration

Full player name (TAG), City of Residence

Will you participate in the pre-tournament too? (Y/n)

Your information will be added to the list of players below manually, the updates may take days or even some weeks.

Registered players
1. Antti Peltonen (AEP), Helsinki (+pre)
2. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (OMO), Espoo (+pre)
3. David Peck ( ), Auckland NZ (+pre)
4. Danielle Peck ( ), Auckland NZ (+pre)
5. Teemu Vinnikka (TEN), Kouvola (+pre)
6. Petri Taurio (KGB), Mikkeli
7. Tero Malinen (TJM), Turku
8. Marco Suvanto (MRC), Helsinki (+pre)
9. Roni Valkonen (RON), Hollola (+pre)
10. Aki Seuranen (AKI), Vantaa (+pre)
11. Joonas Haverinen (JAX), Helsinki (+pre)
12. Ben Roimola (BEN), Rusko (+pre)
13. Sampo Simonen (SAM), Espoo (+pre)
14. Sari Kekkonen (SRI), Espoo (+pre)
15. Timo Valkonen (TTV), Kotka (+pre)
16. Henry Ahokas (KIU), Helsinki (+pre)
17. Öjvind Strömsholm (OUK), Helsinki (+pre)
18. Lassi Hasu (LAH), Tampere (+pre)
19. Pekka Salmia (SUI), Helsinki (+pre)
20. Juuso Mäkinen (JSF), Helsinki (+pre)
21. Erno Lahdenperä (ELP), Helsinki (+pre)
22. Lassi Vapaakallio (VPK), Helsinki (+pre)
23. Juha Iijalainen (JHQ), Vantaa (+pre)
24. Andreas Hedström (AHS), Umeå SE (+pre)
25. Stefan Hjalmarsson (SH) Umeå SE (+pre)
26. Mika Mäkelä (ZYX), Lahti
27. Teemu Linden (TEL), Helsinki
28. Antti Pylkäs (AMP), Helsinki (+pre)
29. Ari Sovijärvi (APZ), Kouvola
30. Pilvi Salonen (VYV), Kouvola


If any questions, contact tournament organizer Antti or me.

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