SPO 2014

Sörkka Pinball Open (SPO) is a traditional Finnish pinball tournament that has been played annually since 2004. Sörkka (Sörnäinen) is a district in Helsinki where SPOs were originally held. The event location moved away from Sörkka already years ago, but the name remains the same since it’s still basically the same tournament organized by the same organizer Antti.

The location is a public pinball room called Extraball-pelihalli (Facebook-page, go there and like it!) co-operating with a Golden Classics Car Show and Cafe in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. WPPR-ranking points will be given out to players like previous years. Tournament information in brief:


Saturday 5th April 2014
12:30pm-7:30pm qualifications
7:30pm-10pm play-offs


In Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. Same location with Golden Classics Car Show & Cafe. Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 6, 00220 Helsinki, Finland.

Tournament format

Games from every era (EM, SS, DMD) may be present in the tournament.

Qualifications: each player plays six games twice, better attempt counts. Points in a game will be compared to other players’ scores and qualification points will be given out. 16 best qualifiers will advance to play-offs.

NB. If there are going to be too many participants considering the time available for qualifications, the number of games or attempts per game might be lower.

Play-offs: single-elimination bracket best-of-three games. Qualifiers 1-4 receive two byes, qualifiers 5-8 receive one bye. A single game 5-ball final for best four players.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 5 euros. Games started by coin-drop (1e/game).

You can register in advance by sending email to marble@pinball.fi with following information:
Full name (TAG), City


If any questions, contact tournament organizer Antti or me.

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