Playing in Finnish Pinball League

Before event

All players who have signed up to a league event are grouped to two qualifying groups based on players’ league points, WPPR-points and personal schedule-based wishes. The game collection provider chooses and sets up (tournament mode on, extra balls disabled) enough machines to competition play and the league president prepares all the documents and props needed.


The first qualifying group starts at noon. In qualifying each player in a group plays one match on one machine against all other players in the same group. The machine is chosen randomly from all machines that are available and it’s 3 ball game (older games could also be played as 5 ball games). A player can’t play same machine more than twice in qualifications.

Before starting the match players mark the game to be played to the qualifying bracket and check the playing order, that is decided by the bracket. After the match is over, the bracket is filled with 1 to winner’s side and 0 to loser’s.

After (almost) all matches of first group have been played, the second group starts its qualifying. After all the matches of a group have been played, possible ties will be resolved by playing a best-of-one tie-break match.

After all the matches in qualifying have been played, six best players of both groups advance to play-offs. Players outside of group’s top6 will have their qualifying position as the final standing: when both groups have equal number of players, the players on 7th position receive the final standing of shared 13th place, players of 8th position receive the final standing of shared 15th place etc. If one group is smaller than the other, the 7th player of bigger group will be 13th overall, the 7th player of smaller group will be 14th overall etc.


Play-offs are played with best-of-three single elimination bracket. The best two players of both qualifying groups receive one bye and advance straight to the second round. On first play-offs rounds the pairs are A3-B6, A4-B5, A5-B4 and A6-B3.

The losers of first round will have a match for final positions 9-12 on one machine. The losers of second round will have a match for positions 5-8 same way.

The losers of semi-finals will battle for the bronze in a best-of-three match and the final will be played best-of-five.

League points

12 best players of every league event receive league points:

1. 15
2. 13
3. 11
4. 9
5. 8
6. 7
7. 6
8. 5
9. 4
10. 3
11. 2
12. 1

The winner of league season is the player who gets most points during a league year. Only four best scores of every player will be taken into account.


Three league events are to be played before summer and three after summer. There should always be at least one month between two events and the date for an event should be announced at least one month beforehand.

League events are played on Saturdays. Event starts at noon and usually the finals are over 7-10 hours later.

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