Finnish Pinball League

Finnish Pinball League is a series of pinball competitions for Finnish pinball hobbyists. The purpose is to meet each other and play some competitive pinball with the machines of a couple of good quality private pinball rooms in Finland. The best players of each league event receive league points and the player with most points at the end of the season will be the league winner. Finnish Pinball League is also sanctioned in World Pinball Player Rankings.

A league season consists of six league meetings and they are all played with same pre-defined rules. Competitions are played in two private pinball rooms that are located in Helsinki and Kangasala. The majority of information, news and discussion about the league goes trough Finnish pinball hobbyist forum, but I’ll introduce briefly the history and rules of the league here too.

Finnish Pinball League started in year 2010 and with all the positive feedback and experiences of the first year, a new league season was started on January 2011. When writing this page, the first half of the 2011 season has been played and the latter half is about to start. There are some dozens of pinball hobbyists involved in the league with average number of players in the events being about 30.

You’ll find more information about the history of the league here and about playing in the league here.

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