Kuopio Pinball Open 2011

This is the information page of pinball tournament Kuopio Pinball Open 2011. Read also the post I wrote after the tournament to see the results and the tournament lineup.


A pinball competition open for everyone, held by one Finnish pinball hobbyist. Among the competition there’s also time to spend with other pinball hobbyists and to enjoy nice Summer weather in Savonia region. Barbecue included!


Saturday 30th July 2011

12-6pm qualifications (last time to arrive: 3pm)
7-10pm play-offs
10pm-> prize ceremony, after party


Qualifications will be played in a private gameroom location about 5km’s outside of Kuopio city. Playoffs and after party at Josse’s house at Kaislastenlahti, that is about 20 kilometers away from the centre of Kuopio.



Each player plays eight qualification machines, one three ball game on each machine. The scores on every machine will be compared among all the players and the best players of every game will receive qualification points in following order:

1. 10p
2. 8p
3. 6p
4. 5p
5. 4p
6. 3p
7. 2p
8. 1p

The total qualification score of a player is the sum of qualification scores from all eight machines. If there’s a tie, the number of first place scores will be compared, then the number of second place scores etc. The player with more high scores is the better one. If there’s still a tie after this comparison, the result will be drawn.


If there are less than 24 players in qualifications, eight players will advance to playoffs. Playoffs will be played as a single elimination bracket best of three games (except the final). Pairs for first round are 1vs8, 2vs7, 3vs6 and 4vs5. In semi-finals the winner of pair 1vs8 will meet the winner of pair 4vs5 and the winner of pair 2vs7 will meet the winner of pair 3vs6.

The winners of semi-finals will meet in the final, which is best of five games. The losers of first play-offs round will compete for positions 5-8 on one machine. The losers of semi-finals will compete for the bronze medal, best of three games.

If the number of players in qualifications is 24-30, 12 best will advance to playoffs. The best four will receive one bye and pairs for first round are 5vs12, 6vs11, 7vs10 and 8vs9.

The games played in play-offs will be chosen randomly from the machines that are available to play. Only modern machines (1991 or newer) will be used in the tournament.

How can I participate?

Registration to the tournament will be opened later at flipperit.net message board. If you are not able to register that way, please contact me by email. The maximum number of participants is 30.

What does it cost?

Registration fee is 10 euros, including something to enjoy while having the barbecue.


It might be possible to stay overnight at the venue. If you want to stay overnight, please contact tournament director Josse (send private message to user “bok-tapok” in flipperit.net message board or call +358443038757).

How to get there?

It might be possible to get you picked up from the centre of Kuopio. Please contact Josse if you need transportation.

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