Don’t Drink & Play


The annual Finnish pinball tournament formerly known as Kuopio, Heinola and Nastola Pinball Open will be held again this year. The competition goes under a project name Don’t Drink & Play and may change based on player suggestions. The concept is still the same: to have a pinball competition and spend this nice summer weekend with your pinball playing friends. And there’s an after-party too!


Saturday 13th September 2014

12-6pm qualifying (last time to show up: 5pm)
6-10pm final rounds
10pm-> prize ceremony, after party


The tournament will be played in a gameroom in municipality of Nastola.

The exact address and instructions to find the location will be provided to the participants while signing up.


Each player will play five qualification machines, nine attempts total but maximum of three attempts per machine. The best score on each machine for a player will be compared against other players’ scores on that machine and points will be given out by a formula [40,34,30,27,25,23,21,19,17,15,14,…,1]. The qualifying score of a player is the sum of these points.

16 best qualifiers will advance to A-division play-offs, the rest will advance to B-division play-offs. Play-offs in both divisions will be played by a PAPA style play-offs format, meaning four-player groups playing three games and games giving out points 4-2-1-0. The best eight players overall in A-division quarter-finals will advance to semi-finals and four best in semifinals will advance to the final. The final will be played with the same format.

How can I participate?

Registration to the tournament is open at message board. If you are not able to register that way, please contact me by email.

What does it cost? How about accommodation?

Please see the message board thread for more information about cost and accommodation information.

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