About me

“Hello. My name is Olli-Mikko and I’m a pinball addict.”

I was interested in pinball playing already when I was a little kid, but my pinball hobby really started in 2006 when I bought my first game, Creature from the Black Lagoon. I had had my first pinball competition experience in 2005 in Sörkka Pinball Open, and after playing myself into final four in following year’s competition, I realized how much I enjoy the competitive side of the hobby and thought that I could be somehow good at it.

My first tournament outside Finland was Stockholm Open in Sweden in 2006. Finishing in the main tournament in position 57/94 made me realize that maybe I’m not that good after all. But as the event was something really interesting and fun I wanted to come back next year and try to do better. Since then I’ve travelled over Europe to many pinball events, had really fun time playing pinball and met amazingly many great people all over the world.

I currently have a lineup of four games (Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Doctor Who and Johnny Mnemonic). Some of them are definite keepers (AFM&MM) but I’m always looking for new games to keep my collection fresh and interesting. My main goal is to play as many games seen in tournaments as possible at home.

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