pinball.fi is a site dedicated to pinball as my hobby, and more importantly, pinball as a competitive sport. Purpose of this site is to share my thoughts and memories about my pinball hobby, and also to gather current information and news about pinball, not only from competitive perspective but also generally.

This site will be actively updated with blog-type posts of news and rumors about (competitive) pinball, tournament reports and analysis as well as picture galleries about pinball events where I’ve been to.

The information on this site is collected from many pinball forums, rec.games.pinball etc or produced myself. I try to keep all the information as accurate as possible, but if you find something that is wrong, something that shouldn’t be here or if you have any other comments, feel free to post a comment or contact me directly. Also, English is not my native language, so some of these English texts may not have any sense. Feel free to comment on language issues, feedback is always appreciated! (or deleted if I don’t like it ;)