PAPA 16!

PAPA 16 World Pinball Championships have just started in PAPA HQ near Pittsburgh, USA. In this four-day competition top players of world are trying to win A-division to get the $10000 prize money and the title PAPA 16 World Pinball Champion. Three separate classics events will also be played during all the qualifying days.

As usual, live scoring can be found from This year the live scores should be updated even faster than before, since all the scorekeeping is now done with modile devices and all the standings should be updated almost instantly to the web.

Players watching the standings live at home will also be able to see later the weekend the first final product of Kickstarer fundraiser project held earlier this year. The last hours of Saturday’s qualification and all the play-offs action from Sunday will be live streamed.

The live stream should appear to PAPA blog and the direct link to should work too. The schedule for live action is, according to PAPA folks, “Saturday: 9:30PM to Midnight, Sunday: 10:45AM until we crown a champion”. I’ll definitely spend my weekend watching the stream although the first one will be during late night / early morning of Sunday here in Finland.

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