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I haven’t decided which channel to use to announce all the newest tournament news, so the news updates have appeared on multiple channels (, my twitter channel, my facebook, etc). If you don’t follow all of the channels mentioned, I apologize for not receiving all my latest posts about all the latest tournament news. Here is a quick recap about the news of the events I feel reasonable to mention about:

Jörgen Holm is the IFPA10 World Pinball Champion! IFPA10 was played three weeks ago in Echzell, Germany and players from 19 different countries were there to compete about the title. Jörgen played well troughout the tournament and eventually beat Zach Sharpe in the final 5-4. (Jörgen also knocked me out in top16 with result 4-2).

Jorian Engelbrektsson won Stockholm Open 2013! Stockholm Open returned to the competition calendar this year after being absent for three years. The organizers had found quite a nice venue (O’Learys at Heron City) for the event and during the weekend more than 100 players tried to win the tournament. Eventually the reigning SO champion Jorian Engelbrektsson won the tournament against Mats Runsten in the final. I was the player to receive the trophy of Best Foreign Player finishing in the top8 of the tournament.

EPC2013 ie the European Pinball Championships 2013 will be played in the same location as Stockholm Open in September 2013. There shouldn’t be any player number restrictions nor any other restrictions to attend the tournament, so everyone willing to be the EPC champion will be able to attend. The qualifying format of the tournament will resemble the same of Swedish pinball championships and will provide everyone playing four games and two attempts per game.

Finnish pinball community K15 will arrange K15 Open again this year. For this year, a player limit of 20 players for every three qualifying groups was set and we have almost reached the maximum of 60 participants within the first week of registration. K15 Open 2013 should be the highest quality pinball tournament ever held in Finland, having the top Swedish players Holm, Engelbrektsson and Runsten also attending!

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