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I’ve tried to write a lengthy post about my Pinburgh trip that happened already more than month ago. I seem to have way too many things going on and haven’t had time to finish the post, so maybe I’ll try to do that later this summer and include the picture gallery at the same time. So for now I just mention this quickly:

Pinburgh was amazing! 4 days of fun, 400 players and the best location in the world to play pinball. Big thanks to Kevin, Mark, Bowen and all other people making the event possible!

What was especially great to see was that if Pinburgh was amazing already in 2012, the event got even better this year. The most important improvement was livestreaming Thursday’s Circuit Final and Sunday’s Pinburgh play-offs to Internet with the help of Chase Nunes from If you missed the live, first rounds of Circuit final can be seen on Youtube channel.

During past month a PAPA TV Kickstarter project has been collecting funds to get the live streaming equipment to PAPA HQ to make it possible to livestream all the future PAPA events too. The project has been a great success and the initial goal of $20000 was reached within first day of the project. With some stretch goals more money has been collected and many great things regarding live streaming competitive pinball should be happening during next years. There is still some 36 hours left to back up the project so if you still haven’t backed up, go to and get yourself on the backer list and receive great PAPA t-shirts, tokens etc from the long list of stuff available!

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