IFPA10 starts tomorrow!

The 10th annual IFPA World Pinball Championship will start tomorrow in Echzell, Germany. 64 players coming from 19 different countries will compete in qualifications during Friday and Saturday. On Saturday and Sunday top32 play-offs will be played and in the end the winner will be IFPA10 World Pinball Champion.

Go to ifpapinball.com for standings during the tournament. I might have time to tweet some of my own comments and standings during the event too.

Two pre-IFPA-tournaments were played before the main event and top4 of these tournaments were:

Rodenbach Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament
1. Nico Wicke (Germany) (IFPA10 Satellite qualifier)
2. Andreas Harre (Germany)
3. Cayle George (USA)
4. Trent Augenstein (USA)

Hattersheim Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament

1. Joey Springer (USA)
2. Mads Kristensen (Denmark)
3. Jörgen Holm (Sweden)
4. Roman Kunovic (Germany)

It’s been a nice and fun week here in Germany so far and it is about to get even better. Can’t wait to be part of IFPA World Championships once again!

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