Ari Sovijärvi wins SPO 2013!

Sörkka Pinball Open (SPO) reached it’s 10th anniversary this Saturday when the competition was held for tenth time since the first SPO-tournament in 2004. Although the venue of the competition has changed some times during the 10-year period, the competition has mostly kept its original form and has always been played with older and newer games.

This year the venue changed again and it was first year the competition was held at a public Extraball gameroom close to the centre of Helsinki. Although the tournament was organized in quite a hurry this year and the event wasn’t advertised anywhere outside Finland, we got international participants since Andreas Thorsén from Sweden participated in the tournament among 32 Finnish players. Eventually Andreas was one of the four finalists, other finalists being Olli-Mikko Ojamies, Johan Holmberg and the reigning SPO-champion Ari Sovijärvi.

The 4-player final was played on 5-ball game on Strato-Flite. Ari Sovijärvi was the winner by rolling the game over, scoring more than 100 000 points having 3x bonuses on multiple balls. Second was Johan Holmberg, Andreas Thorsén was third and Olli-Mikko Ojamies finished 4th.

The full results of the tournament (including qualification results) can be seen here as a Google Docs spreadsheet.

For the first nine years of SPO history the tournament had different winners every year, but now Ari made history by being the first player to win two different SPO-tournaments but also being the first one to win two consecutive SPOs. Congrats Ari, this definitely is your tournament!

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