Further tournament plans

Pinball year 2013 hasn’t almost started yet, but there are plans for year 2014 already:

Pinburgh is one of the first tournaments to announce its exact dates for year 2014. According to PAPA blog the tournament will be held during late March 2014 (March 28-30).

At the same time on Europinball forum, the hosting country of European Pinball Championship 2014 has announced that EPC 2014 will be played in Italy during March 2014. Though the exact dates haven’t yet been announced, the weekend for EPC won’t be the same as Pinburgh. That is good news, since the pinball community really should’t never ever repeat the 2011 situation again, when EPC and Pinburgh were played during the same weekend.

It’s somehow bad that these two big tournaments will be played during the same month, but since the organizers of EPC have announced that the competition won’t be after 20th day of March, there should be at least two weeks between these competitions and enough time for anyone interested to arrange the trip to Pinburgh too after EPC.

Plans for EPC 2014 seem to be decided already, but it’s not entirely sure how EPC 2013 will be. After Hungary announced it’s incapability of arranging EPC 2013, it has been quite unsure if the competition will happen this year. Now it seems that Sweden will host the competition, but it’s still unsure whether the competition will be played in Stockholm or elsewhere (which would be most likely in Borås). Anyway EPC held in Sweden would be an awesome thing, since those guys really know how to put up a world class tournament. EPC 2007 in Stockholm was in my opinion still the best EPC that I’ve ever been to.

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