Borås Pinball Classic Open 2013 results

Borås Pinball Classic Open 2013 was played last weekend in Borås, Sweden. Main tournament was played on classic machines and side tournament on modern machines. Also a split-flipper tournament was played on classic machines and there were some other smaller side tournaments too. The best players of divisions were (from Sweden unless other mentioned):

Main tournament
1. Christer Carlsson
2. Mats Holmqvist
3. Andreas Frid
4. Jörgen Holm

Side tournament
1. Jorian Engelbrektsson
2. Jörgen Holm
3. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Finland)
4. Therese Lundgren

Split flipper
1. FIN (Olli-Mikko Ojamies & Janne Toukkari) (Finland)
2. WC (Claes Wikner & Christer Carlsson)
3. PIC (Per Ahlenius & Stefan Cederlöf)
4. DPE (Paul Jongma & Albert Nomden) (Netherlands)

Other side tournaments (not 100% sure about these, will correct later if wrong)
Set the high score (Eight Ball): Jörgen Holm
Set the high score (White Water): Mads Kristensen (Denmark)
One-handed play (The Amazing Spider-Man): Antti Peltonen (Finland)

I took a bunch of photos during the event so I’ll add a photo gallery later. Pinball News article written by Ad Jonker from the event should also follow.

Once again the Borås tournament was so much fun. Thanks Christian INK Holmsten for organizing the event!

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