Tournament plans for this spring

My tournament calendar is quite nicely booked for this spring. I’m planning to attend at least following tournaments:

K15 Match Race (February 9th in Helsinki, Finland)
First match-play tournament ever held in Finland! It took only 90 minutes to get the maximum number of 24 registered players.

Borås Pinball Classic Open (February 21-24 in Borås, Sweden)
Traditional Swedish tournament with main tournament and split flipper played on classics machines and a side tournament played on modern machines. The tournament director INK has really nice collection of games a such a great location to spend the weekend playing pinball. Over 100 players registered to the tournament which of 14 are from Finland!

Pinburgh 2013 (April 11-14 in Scott Township, PA, USA)
The greatest match-play tournament and for me the best tournament overall in the World. The number of participants is limited to 400 and it might well be that this limit will be reached. More than 300 players registered already within first couple of weeks of registration! Three Finnish players attending.

IFPA10 World Pinball Championship (May 31 – June 2 in Eschzell, Germany)
64 players based on their world ranking will be invited to participate in this tournament. 30 out of 40 possible country exemption spots have been filled and in total 75 players have committed to attend the tournament. This year you have to be well within top100 in overall rankings to get qualified to the tournament with your overall ranking. See the list of registered players here.

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