Results of Finnish Pinball League season 2012

The sixth and last event of Finnish Pinball League season 2012 was played yesterday in Kangasala. 29 players participated in the event and although the winner of the season had already been obvious after fifth event, five players were still battling for the other two top 3 positions. The competition was really interesting until the very end of the event and eventually the event winner Jussi Rantala also managed to take home the overall second place of the season. Jussi finished the season having same amount of league points than Janne Toukkari (the winner of season 2011), but with two event wins of the season compared to Janne’s one, Jussi took home the second place and Janne finished third. The top three players of Finnish Pinball league season 2012 were:

1. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Espoo) (54 points)
2. Jussi Rantala (Helsinki) (44 points)
3. Janne Toukkari (Tampere) (44 points)

Full results document about the season can be seen here in Google Docs.

Finnish Pinball League will be back next year!

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