Site hardware update finished

I’ve just finished my server upgrade and is now running on a new machine with SSD disk and a 1Gb network connection. And the machine is not running at my home under one of my pinball machines anymore, but in a more secure computer room (Yeah, I managed to get the old machine to reboot a couple of times while debugging the problems on BSD’s hacked driver board ;-). IPv6 was there already on the old system, but it’s worth mentioning anyway: the site should be accessible with IPv6 connection too. Everything should be operating normally, but if you notice anything unusual, let me know!

PAPA blog has been really active with new tutorials and competition videos lately, I’ll be posting them here during the next couple of days.

Oh and Hopeakuula Open 2012 was played last weekend in Kouvola. Hopeakuula association put up a great event in their new location and the results of the tournament can be seen here.

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