Results of the 2nd event of Finnish Pinball League

The second event of Finnish Pinball League season 2012 was played this Saturday at Antti’s gameroom in Helsinki. A record-breaking number of 40 participants were present at the tournament and after six hours of intense qualifying of three groups and three hours of play-offs the results for top3 were following:

1. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Espoo)
2. Jussi Kahola (Tampere)
3. Mikko Piironen (Vantaa)

Antti’s gameroom provided a great mix of games with the oldest being Fireball and newest No Good Gofers. This tournament was a great warmup to me for next weekend’s Pinburgh-tournament, where I certainly won’t expect to do this well. :-)

The full results can be seen as a Google Docs document here.

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