Pekka Salmia wins the opening event of Finnish Pinball League season 2012

The season 2012 of Finnish Pinball League started yesterday in Kangasala. Nedi provided an awesome collection of games to all the participants. For example a brand new Transformers LE, CSI (which I liked surprisingly much), Cactus Canyon and some older classics (Joker Poker, El Dorado and Volley) were in the lineup.

Pekka Salmia from Helsinki won the event after winning the deciding fifth game in the finals against Roni Valkonen. Roni made something that I never remember seeing before in our league: he got (or had?) to play all possible games in the play-offs (3+3+3+5).

Janne Toukkari, who had won all three previous league events, was eliminated on the first round of play-offs by Juha Iijalainen, who eventually finished 3rd.

Congratulations to all three best players! Detailed event results google docs document can be found here.

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