Results of Kuopio Pinball Open

24 players attended Kuopio Pinball Open last Saturday. In qualifications eight machines (TAFG, TOTAN, NBAFB, STTNG, Shadow, TOM, WCS and SWEP1) were played and 12 best players advanced to play-offs. In best-of-three single elimination play-offs bracket the machines used were MM, Batman, IM, LOTR, MB and CV. The four best in competition were:

1. Olli-Mikko Ojamies, Espoo
2. Mikko Pärnänen, Pieksämäki
3. Jussi Rantala, Helsinki
4. Mika Ylönen, Kuopio

Full results can be seen here.

It was nice to get a competition arranged also to Savonia region, where there haven’t been any pinball competitions for years. Also Mika Ylönen (Finnish champion and EPC 2nd place finisher 1997) participated with his brother, so the group of competitors was a nice mixup of players from two different pinball player generations.

I’ll try to find some time to write here an article about Mika’s achievements. That should be something interesting to read and it would show that there has been quite an active pinball competition scene in Finland in the 90’s.

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