Pinball in Finnish TV once again!

Once again some media coverage for pinball in Finland! Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle visited Hopeakuula pinball association‘s gameroom in Kouvola and made a news story about pinball to regional radio, Yle Internet news (sorry, only in Finnish) and also to regional Finnish TV. More should be coming tomorrow in Yle aamu-tv starting early morning at Yle TV1.

Excellent work once again, Hopeakuula staff! Way to go Ari and Pilvi!

PS. At the same in Italy: Daniele Acciari in Italia’s Got Talent!

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EPC 2013 starts today!

European Pinball Championships 2013 start today in Stockholm, Sweden.

There are more than 200 names on the participant list, including WPPR #1 Daniele Acciari, reigning IFPA World Champion Jörgen Holm, reigning EPC champion Levente Tregova and almost all other top European players too. There are 14 Finnish players on the list making Finland the second largest country in the tournament!

The venue for the competition is the same nice one where Stockholm Open was held three months ago. The tournament system put up by Swedish tournament arrangers should give players a fair and nice competition troughout the tournament. In qualifications every player plays four different machines, two attempts per game. It’s not much, but in my opinion way better than the too often used format of 6+1 games one attempt qualification with the machines you pick. And it’s about a time to see a proper play-offs bracket in EPC: this year 64 players will advance from qualifications to the single-elimination play-offs bracket and the bracket will go on until the winner is crowned.

I’ll be tweeting tournament news during the weekend. I think that live standings will appear to tournament website at

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PAPA 16!

PAPA 16 World Pinball Championships have just started in PAPA HQ near Pittsburgh, USA. In this four-day competition top players of world are trying to win A-division to get the $10000 prize money and the title PAPA 16 World Pinball Champion. Three separate classics events will also be played during all the qualifying days.

As usual, live scoring can be found from This year the live scores should be updated even faster than before, since all the scorekeeping is now done with modile devices and all the standings should be updated almost instantly to the web.

Players watching the standings live at home will also be able to see later the weekend the first final product of Kickstarer fundraiser project held earlier this year. The last hours of Saturday’s qualification and all the play-offs action from Sunday will be live streamed.

The live stream should appear to PAPA blog and the direct link to should work too. The schedule for live action is, according to PAPA folks, “Saturday: 9:30PM to Midnight, Sunday: 10:45AM until we crown a champion”. I’ll definitely spend my weekend watching the stream although the first one will be during late night / early morning of Sunday here in Finland.

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Recent tournament news

I haven’t decided which channel to use to announce all the newest tournament news, so the news updates have appeared on multiple channels (, my twitter channel, my facebook, etc). If you don’t follow all of the channels mentioned, I apologize for not receiving all my latest posts about all the latest tournament news. Here is a quick recap about the news of the events I feel reasonable to mention about:

Jörgen Holm is the IFPA10 World Pinball Champion! IFPA10 was played three weeks ago in Echzell, Germany and players from 19 different countries were there to compete about the title. Jörgen played well troughout the tournament and eventually beat Zach Sharpe in the final 5-4. (Jörgen also knocked me out in top16 with result 4-2).

Jorian Engelbrektsson won Stockholm Open 2013! Stockholm Open returned to the competition calendar this year after being absent for three years. The organizers had found quite a nice venue (O’Learys at Heron City) for the event and during the weekend more than 100 players tried to win the tournament. Eventually the reigning SO champion Jorian Engelbrektsson won the tournament against Mats Runsten in the final. I was the player to receive the trophy of Best Foreign Player finishing in the top8 of the tournament.

EPC2013 ie the European Pinball Championships 2013 will be played in the same location as Stockholm Open in September 2013. There shouldn’t be any player number restrictions nor any other restrictions to attend the tournament, so everyone willing to be the EPC champion will be able to attend. The qualifying format of the tournament will resemble the same of Swedish pinball championships and will provide everyone playing four games and two attempts per game.

Finnish pinball community K15 will arrange K15 Open again this year. For this year, a player limit of 20 players for every three qualifying groups was set and we have almost reached the maximum of 60 participants within the first week of registration. K15 Open 2013 should be the highest quality pinball tournament ever held in Finland, having the top Swedish players Holm, Engelbrektsson and Runsten also attending!

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IFPA10 starts tomorrow!

The 10th annual IFPA World Pinball Championship will start tomorrow in Echzell, Germany. 64 players coming from 19 different countries will compete in qualifications during Friday and Saturday. On Saturday and Sunday top32 play-offs will be played and in the end the winner will be IFPA10 World Pinball Champion.

Go to for standings during the tournament. I might have time to tweet some of my own comments and standings during the event too.

Two pre-IFPA-tournaments were played before the main event and top4 of these tournaments were:

Rodenbach Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament
1. Nico Wicke (Germany) (IFPA10 Satellite qualifier)
2. Andreas Harre (Germany)
3. Cayle George (USA)
4. Trent Augenstein (USA)

Hattersheim Pre-IFPA Pinball Tournament

1. Joey Springer (USA)
2. Mads Kristensen (Denmark)
3. Jörgen Holm (Sweden)
4. Roman Kunovic (Germany)

It’s been a nice and fun week here in Germany so far and it is about to get even better. Can’t wait to be part of IFPA World Championships once again!

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PAPA TV Kickstarter

I’ve tried to write a lengthy post about my Pinburgh trip that happened already more than month ago. I seem to have way too many things going on and haven’t had time to finish the post, so maybe I’ll try to do that later this summer and include the picture gallery at the same time. So for now I just mention this quickly:

Pinburgh was amazing! 4 days of fun, 400 players and the best location in the world to play pinball. Big thanks to Kevin, Mark, Bowen and all other people making the event possible!

What was especially great to see was that if Pinburgh was amazing already in 2012, the event got even better this year. The most important improvement was livestreaming Thursday’s Circuit Final and Sunday’s Pinburgh play-offs to Internet with the help of Chase Nunes from If you missed the live, first rounds of Circuit final can be seen on Youtube channel.

During past month a PAPA TV Kickstarter project has been collecting funds to get the live streaming equipment to PAPA HQ to make it possible to livestream all the future PAPA events too. The project has been a great success and the initial goal of $20000 was reached within first day of the project. With some stretch goals more money has been collected and many great things regarding live streaming competitive pinball should be happening during next years. There is still some 36 hours left to back up the project so if you still haven’t backed up, go to and get yourself on the backer list and receive great PAPA t-shirts, tokens etc from the long list of stuff available!

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Ari Sovijärvi wins SPO 2013!

Sörkka Pinball Open (SPO) reached it’s 10th anniversary this Saturday when the competition was held for tenth time since the first SPO-tournament in 2004. Although the venue of the competition has changed some times during the 10-year period, the competition has mostly kept its original form and has always been played with older and newer games.

This year the venue changed again and it was first year the competition was held at a public Extraball gameroom close to the centre of Helsinki. Although the tournament was organized in quite a hurry this year and the event wasn’t advertised anywhere outside Finland, we got international participants since Andreas Thorsén from Sweden participated in the tournament among 32 Finnish players. Eventually Andreas was one of the four finalists, other finalists being Olli-Mikko Ojamies, Johan Holmberg and the reigning SPO-champion Ari Sovijärvi.

The 4-player final was played on 5-ball game on Strato-Flite. Ari Sovijärvi was the winner by rolling the game over, scoring more than 100 000 points having 3x bonuses on multiple balls. Second was Johan Holmberg, Andreas Thorsén was third and Olli-Mikko Ojamies finished 4th.

The full results of the tournament (including qualification results) can be seen here as a Google Docs spreadsheet.

For the first nine years of SPO history the tournament had different winners every year, but now Ari made history by being the first player to win two different SPO-tournaments but also being the first one to win two consecutive SPOs. Congrats Ari, this definitely is your tournament!

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Ari Sovijärvi wins Finnish Pinball League event 3

Season 2013 of Finnish Pinball League reached its halfway point yesterday, when third event of year was played at Hopeakuula association arcade in Kouvola.

33 players played in three qualification groups. Eventually all three qualification group winners and the winner of 2nd place qualifiers’ tiebreak met in the top four. The winner of the event was Hopeakuula staff member Ari Sovijärvi, who played really well throughout the day. Congratulations Ari! Top three players of the competition were:

1. Ari Sovijärvi (Kouvola)
2. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Espoo)
3. Pekka Salmia (Helsinki)

Google Docs standings of the event can be found here and the overall standings of the league season here.

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Pinball in Finnish TV again!

Pinball was featured today in Finnish TV program Puoli seitsemän. The four-minute long clip was mainly about pinball and pinball artwork in general, but also about playing pinball. Some footage of playing from various angles was shown and I was interviewed shortly too. The best thing is that the newly opened public pinball bar location Extraball-pelihalli got some fame and hopefully will have new visitors in future.

The clip can be seen in YLE Areena: (unfortunately viewable in Finland only, I guess)

(edit: updated link with correct starting time, thanks Marco)

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Borås Pinball Classic Open 2013 results

Borås Pinball Classic Open 2013 was played last weekend in Borås, Sweden. Main tournament was played on classic machines and side tournament on modern machines. Also a split-flipper tournament was played on classic machines and there were some other smaller side tournaments too. The best players of divisions were (from Sweden unless other mentioned):

Main tournament
1. Christer Carlsson
2. Mats Holmqvist
3. Andreas Frid
4. Jörgen Holm

Side tournament
1. Jorian Engelbrektsson
2. Jörgen Holm
3. Olli-Mikko Ojamies (Finland)
4. Therese Lundgren

Split flipper
1. FIN (Olli-Mikko Ojamies & Janne Toukkari) (Finland)
2. WC (Claes Wikner & Christer Carlsson)
3. PIC (Per Ahlenius & Stefan Cederlöf)
4. DPE (Paul Jongma & Albert Nomden) (Netherlands)

Other side tournaments (not 100% sure about these, will correct later if wrong)
Set the high score (Eight Ball): Jörgen Holm
Set the high score (White Water): Mads Kristensen (Denmark)
One-handed play (The Amazing Spider-Man): Antti Peltonen (Finland)

I took a bunch of photos during the event so I’ll add a photo gallery later. Pinball News article written by Ad Jonker from the event should also follow.

Once again the Borås tournament was so much fun. Thanks Christian INK Holmsten for organizing the event!

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